While listening to the On Being podcast, David Steindl-Rast had some incredibly insightful things to share regarding gratitude that I think is worth sharing. "...we all know from experience that moments in which this gratitude wells up in our hearts are experienced, as if something were filling up within us, filling with joy... & then it comes to a point where the heart overflows, & we thank somebody; For many people in our culture, the heart fills up w/gratefulness & just at the moment when it wants to overflow, an advertisement comes in & says, “No, no, there’s a better model, & there’s a newer model, & your neighbor has a bigger one. And so instead of overflowing, we make the bowl bigger & bigger & bigger, & it never overflows. It never gives us this joy." --- This feels like the world we live in these days. A true sense of gratitude seems to be void in many cultures. People are too focused on quantity... & not quality. How can we focus on cultivating gratitude?