About Us

We're a husband/wife duo who rely on Stoicism daily. It has helped us make sense of our complicated world and helped us carve out our priorities. We take our books (Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday, Marcus Aurelius'Meditations, Enchridion by Epictetus and Seneca's Letters from a Stoic to name a few) with us everywhere we go and couldn't think why we couldn't have our favourite reminders, lessons, quotes and more with us in more way than one. In the tradition of the (example) Marcus Aurelius sets for us with his book Meditations, which was never originally intended for publication but was rather simply the daily journal were he reflected and reminded himself of the stoic principles he had trained in and practiced from a young age for the sole purpose of (being a good person).  

All of our products are sourced either in the United States or in Canada. We prefer high quality products and are keen to support our local vendors in North America.